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In May we celebrate 18 years together (!!!), 11 years of marriage, and 14 years of engagement.💜💕💚💚💙💗💗❤💖💖 in these years we have moved 14 times, lived in the north of Sweden and in the south, lived in England, had two wonderful kids, 3 cats, 6 hamsters, 2 guinea pigs, six cars, 1 caravan, spent five years at University together, travelled many countries, held many dinners and parties with friends and families, been made Godparents twice and lots more. Love you 💗❤💙 life is good 💙💗❤💚💕💕💜💖


The first swim for me in 2018 ☉💙🌊💧😁


Last night my son was out kayaking 🛶🌊💙🌟